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Heartbeats In Paris

Heartbeats in Paris is about Annie, a successful writer and author, who a few weeks before her wedding, discovers a horrible secret about her fiancé, Roger. Annie is devastated, and with a broken heart, cancels her dream wedding. She packs her bags and her little dog, Peanut, and together, they leave for Paris, her favorite city in the world, to forget about Roger and heal her broken heart.

While in Paris, she meets Philippe, a charming French photographer who is immediately smitten with this American woman who goes 100 mph with her hair on fire, as well as her little dog. Philippe pursues her, as only a French man can, with romance and charisma. As hard as Annie tries to resist him, it’s his honesty and integrity that win her over and with a few clicks of his camera, he changes Annie’s life, forever.

Charming, romantic and totally taken with each other, they begin a romantic relationship that is a surprise to both of them. Not knowing he has to fight through a battery of fences around her heart, he and his dog, Mon Chien, wiggle their way into her broken heart and make her smile and love again. He falls for her immediately, but he too, has a secret he cannot share with her, and struggles with the decision to tell her about it.

The story is narrated by Mimi and Pierre, two of Annie’s best friends who tell the story in both a loving and comical way. Mimi shares the romantic side of Annie’s adventure in Paris in her American voice, while Pierre tells the funny side in his snooty, yet humorous, French accent.

This story is about love and its sweet surprises with a couple of fun and jaw-dropping twists!

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Fantasy Cast

Currently in Screenplay production, Heartbeats In Paris will soon be a movie!  Here is the author’s dream cast

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock


Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper


Clive Owen

Clive Owen


Nathan Lane

Nathan Lane




Little “Peanut”


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